Cable-Laying : Easy fast and secure

Equipment for Domestic, Power and Fibre-Optic Cable Laying

If you or your customers would like to lay cables from A to B while saving time and money. With products from Katimex you can benefit from a lasting added value in the daily use of our cable laying equipment. Whether you are an end-user or a distributor or if you are looking for EQUIMPMENT or ACCESSORIES – you can find products for any use - from the lattice cable grip, locating devices up to 5K cable winches.  


Our product catalogue is under construction. But we are working day and night on the final version.  

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Please be aware that we are a not a producer of cables or service provider of cable laying. We are offering products and applications to support you with your cable laying projects and to make them faster, easier and more secure. To do so, we can draw on our extensive market and practical experience.