Overview Cable Laying Techniques


Cables and wires are the natural pathways of buildings, as they transport basic functions such as power and data and provide the user with the necessary signals. Without the appropriate cable installation “no life flows through the building”, - follow-up work is delayed, construction projects in new or existing buildings stagnates. Automation and modernisation, smart technology and the broad band require a structured and standard-compliant, safe, and fast electrical installation. With a cable pulling system from Katimex®, laying cables is easy, quick and precise. Difficulties in using conventional duct rodders are finally a thing of the past. Katimex® cable pulling systems are now indispensable aids for cable installers and electrical installers worldwide.
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Fibre-Optic Cable Laying

Up to 80 percent of the investment cost for broadband expansion is in civil engineering. With the expansion of wired telecommunication routes especially fibre optic lines - the installation of empty conduits, into which fibre optic cables can subsequently be pulled or blown, is often seen as an essential element. With the implementation of fibre optic cable expansion in particular the expansion of FTTH- two variants can be identified: The use of micro-tubes as conduits to the house, in which fibre optic cables are pulled or blown, or the use of directly buried cables with a sufficient number of fibres to each participant. Katimex® is currently focusing on the growing demands of retrofit optic fibre installations in already existing conduits with its proven Kati® Blitz Mini. In addition to the small diameter, the specially developed Polykat Mini® glass fibre profile features high strip strength and shear stability, as well as a very small bending radius of 15 mm.
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Power Cable Laying

Our energy system is undergoing fundamental, structural changes: the transition from fossil fuels in energy production to renewable energies has to be appreciated. This energy transition is linked to many challenges in terms of the energy supply infrastructure. Power lines are the life lines of the electrical energy network. They transport large quantities of electricity over long distances from the place of production to the consumption centres. Construction, commissioning and maintenance require special solutions, products and tools. Modern methods, especially in the underground cable laying, are usually connected to the purchase of new machines and inevitably to a high financial outlay. However, large dimensions do not necessarily have to go hand in hand with large scale acquisitions! With the correct insight of everyday implementation work, practical instruments used in the right place save valuable resources in cable laying. Whether in a cable pit or manhole, Katimex®'s tried and tested products and machines provide optimum support for the cable pulling of energy cables.