KATIMEX connects... 

We inspire people and support our customers with innovative solutions and products for the cable laying business.

"At Katimex we support our partners to build networks that connect people. We want to excite by supporting you or your customers with the right product for easy, fast and secure cable laying. We stand by our customers as a strong partner and accompany them all the way.

It is not a question of results but of the path. Today, we are already thinking about tomorrow, protecting the environment and handling our natural resources with respect."
(Christian Stähr – Geschäftsführer)


What connects us

We share our values with all our customers, partners and stakeholders as well as our employees and the environment we are working in. We ensure our customers the highest quality throughout the whole supply chain for our products and services.

Efficiency, functionality and creativity are our drive to develop new technologies and solutions for domestic, fibre-optic and power cabling. Because we are thinking today about tomorrow, our workflow is digitalised so that we can guarantee practical solutions producing a high reward.

Our lean management team stands for a sustainable use of resources as well as ecological and social awareness. We keep our promises, stay true to what we stand for and always play fair.

The cultural diversity of our employees is one of our most important assets and the key to our success.

To keep a positive and motivated working atmosphere, we encourage our employees to act independently and think entrepreneurially.

What is important to us…

Sustainability and Appreciation are not only a personal matter to all of us but is also reflected in our corporate responsibility.

We are grateful for our success and support – on a large as well as small scale –
our environment and fellow men and are especially committed social integration.




Promoting people with handicap

For decades we have been cooperating with sheltered workshops and through this we have been making a contribution to greater social integration and acceptance.


Animal protection concerns us all

Animal protection is a world-wide matter. At Katimex we support animal protection organisations eg. Animal in Need to sustain the diversity of species.


Awareness for Life

We promote a healthy lifestyle combined with regional cultures. We support regional projects eg. “Tour d’Europe” or child care programs.