Pushing unit for cable laying
The Katimex cable pusher,VSG-H 400 is used to reduce the pulling force during the cable pull and thereby protects the cable. The VSG-H 400 is mainly used when the required pulling force is higher than the recommended maximum pulling force given by the manufacturer.

The cable pusher can be used to pull conduits, cables or the PolykatŪ fiberglass profile with a diameter of 9 mm or larger while the lateral capstan head is used to pull cables with a polyester fiber rope in combination with a cable grip.

The VSG-H 400 was especially developed to be used in narrow places and can also be operated within buildings, industrial facilities or ships. Small height and light weight enable the user to place the unit directly into a cable tray.

Due to its extremely compact design and small dimensions the VSG-H 400 can be used in narrow spaces i.e. cable trenches or ducts, within buildings, in industrial plants or within bigger machines and ship

Due to the light weight and the small height the pusher can be placed directly into a cable tray i.e. underneath the ceiling

Product advantages on the view:
• Supports the cable pull
• Reduces the pulling force
• Preserves cables and conduits
• Accelerates the work process
• Torsion-free unwinding of the drum
• Makes the pulling of cables and conduits with polyester rope possible through the lateral capstan head

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