Support winch - HSW-B
The support winches of the HSW-B series are ideally to pull heavy winch ropes from larger hydraulic cable winches into conduits or cable trays. Also light energy cables can be pulled over long distances. The HSW-B winches are the ideal addition to lager and stronger hydraulic winches and complete the equipment for cable pulling.
The winches work with steel ropes Ø 4 - 6 mm; the drum can hold 1100 m of the 4 mm rope, 700 m of the 5 mm rope and 500 m of the 6 mm rope. Due to the free-wheeling function of the drum, a 4 mm steel rope can easily be blown into empty tubes by air pressure. Strong pulling force and a compact and mobile design are further key features to underline the wide versatility in various fields.

Key features:
• High quality gasoline engine from a top manufacturer
• Quick release for V-Belt
• Removable, free-wheeling drum
• Adjustable supports
• Comfortable rope-guide
• Drum cover


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