The new push rod system

Our new Katimex® push rods are made of synthetic reinforced glass fibre, and are an essential tool for easy and quick cable installations, especially where no cable shafts, cable ducts or other conduits are available.

The 6mm and 8mm diameter rods are manufactured using a high quality fibre glass core, and due to the different bending radii of the different size rods a high degree of flexibility can be optained. Our abrasion-resistant synthetic coat make the push rods very rugged, so the fibre glass core is protected and can`t be damaged while using. The 1 metre length rods can quickly and easily be screwed together using the M6 connection thread to achieve the required length.

With the innovative gliding support tool it´s easy to overcome most barriers and it lights the working area perfectly. The robust and handy bag offers a maximum of comfort and is very user-friendly. It can be fixed on every ladder - so your push rods are always within reach.

Main areas of use include suspended ceilings, underfloor systems, cable conduits or wall blockouts and wherever there is a missing cable management system or where other customary cable pulling systems are not suitable.

By using the supplied M6/M5 adapter all of the usual Kati®Blitz and Kabelmax® accessories can be employed. A large set of accessories completes the assortment, which offers an appropriate tool for all kind of problems.


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