Kati® Blitz Ortung 2.0 - The next generation of locatable cable pulling systems

The Kati® Blitz Locating 2.0 is the successor of the established cable pulling and locating device Kati® Blitz 2in1. Equipped with an internal slip ring transformerand high qualitity Polykat® glasfibre with integrated copper wires allows the installer not only to pull cable in but also to locate blockates and the route of the pipe. Kati® Blitz Locating 2.0 can be used with all customary cable detectors.

As the Kati® Blitz compact 2.0 the Kati® Blitz Locating 2.0 has an improved, ergonomic design and an user friendly handling.

The handy crank at the 20 and 30 m version makes the winding of the Polykat® fibreglass profile snap. Furthermore enables the combination og Flexi-Sonde 2.0 and Rod End 2.0 a very narrow bending radius of just 30 mm.

The rod guide ist strengthened with glas what makes it very wear-resistant. It also has a special rewind protection which provides the rod from gliding into the box accidentally while winding it in.

A handy service box with many accessories and the reliable high Katimex quality accomplish the Kati® Blitz Locating 2.0 and make it an indispensable tool for electrical engineers.

All pre-existing accessoried of the Kati® Blitz product range are compatible with the Kati® Blitz Locating 2.0.



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